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Suddarths of Southern Indiana

Posted by dwsuddarth on 23 September 2009

In the early 1800’s, there are four Suddarth men whose relationship to each other has always been assumed to be brothers.  I am not so sure.  The four are, in order of birth:

  • James, born 1795 in Virginia
  • Benjamin, born 1801 in Virginia
  • John, born 1811 in Kentucky
  • Lewis, born 1812 in Kentucky

Right away, I think it is apparent that there is a question as to whether these four are brothers.  The large gap in years between Benjamin and John would indicate that either there is more than one family represented here, or there are others that are missing.  I believe that John and Lewis are brothers.  I do not have anything to confirm or deny this, but because of the years and location of their births, I think it is a pretty valid conclusion.  James and Benjamin may also be brothers, as they were born only six years apart and were both born in Virginia.

In addition, I have found some women in the area who are related to these Suddarths.  They are:

  • Patience, born 1774 – 1794
  • Sarah, born 1803 in Kentucky, married Jeremiah Tadlock
  • Sarah, born 1810 – 1820, married James Moore

I think that it is clear here that there are at least two separate families.  Since there are two separate Sarahs with the maiden name of Suddarth, they are most likely not sisters.  Combining this information with the information above, I have broken this down into two separate families.  The first family is composed of James, Benjamin and Sarah (Suddarth) Tadlock.  I believe that they are all siblings.  Patience may also be a sibling, but if she was born early enough, may be the mother or another relative.  The second family would be composed of Sarah (Suddarth) Moore, John, and Lewis.  I believe that these three are siblings, as well.

Looking at the locations of the births, it appears that the Suddarths in Southern Indiana came from Virginia, through Kentucky and then into Indiana, where they settled.  There are a lot of Suddarths in Virginia in the 1700’s and the 1800’s.  Trying to tie the Indiana Suddarths to the Virginia Suddarths has not been easy, however.

I will be writing about each of these Suddarths (as much as I know).  If you are related to any of these families, please contact me.


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