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Suddarth Genealogy

Welcome to my Suddarth genealogy pages.  I have been researching the Suddarth line of my family for about twelve years.  The earliest documented generation for my line is that of Lewis Suddarth, my 3rd great grandfather.  Lewis was born around 1812 in Kentucky and came to Southern Indiana sometime before 1835.  Family lore states that Lewis’ mother’s name was Victoria.  Although I have not found anything to confirm this, I also have not found anything to rule it out.

There are many theories as to the parentage of Lewis Suddarth.  However, none have been shown to be anything more than just theories.  Additional work is needed before any of them can be verified.

I have traced my line of the Suddarth family back to Southern Indiana in the early 1800’s.  While there are many Suddarth families in Kentucky and Virginia, none of those have been linked to the Suddarths of Southern Indiana, with the exception of James Suddarth and Sarah Suddarth.

The following links will take you to pages about some of the information I have found:

Lewis Suddarth

James Suddarth

Patience Suddarth


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